We also provide wide spectrum of repair services covering all kind of laptop & storage devices. We are the preferred choice for component level repair and service for all kinds of computers and storage devices. We provide end to end solutions...

for laptop/ computer repair services. Thus, ensuring availability of all high quality spare parts for your laptop at better rates.

We also have multilevel component testing facility which is done for any laptop repair. Thus satisfaction level of the customer is guaranteed. All the necessary hardware and software alterations can also be made at concessional rates


VJ Infomatic allows you to reimagining, rewire, and redefine your renovation approach in all spheres. Renovating commercial and residential spaces is just as important to us as building new ones. We have witnessed time and again that renovation not only improves the space for existing people to prosper but also creates new places by attracting the interest of families wanting to spend a happy life. You can gain more control over costs and risks in your complete processes.

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